Daniel Plaza-Bonilla

PhD, researcher in Agronomy and Soil Sciences
Ramón y Cajal fellow
Universitat de Lleida

  • GRAIN-SYST. Mediterranean cereal grain systems for healthier soils and enhanced sustainability
  •  2022 - 2026

  •  Project coordinator: Jordi Doltra (IRTA). UdL PI: Dr. Daniel Plaza-Bonilla

  •  to investigate and to identify management strategies at multi-scale level to improve grain production, nutrient use efficiency and soil health in cereal-based organic and conventional cropping systems in a range of Mediterranean conditions.

    • ECOTRACE. ECOlogical TrAnsition of CEreal production: multidisciplinary assessment of mitigation and adaptation strategies to cope with climate change and reduce environmental impacts.
    •  2022 - 2024

    •  UdL PI: Dr. Daniel Plaza-Bonilla.

    •  to advance in the ecological transition of cereal production by assessing the effectiveness of nature-based and circular economy strategies under present and climate change conditions through a multidisciplinary framework.

      • GO Farina de Mestral
      •  2022 - 2024

      •  Project coordinator: Coperal. UdL PI: Dr. Daniel Plaza-Bonilla

      •  produce flour of a high quality with the highest efficiency and sustainability by improving agronomy and selecting adequate varieties.

        • LEGSAPIENS. Generando Oportunidades: sistemas de cultivo innovadores basados en las leguminosas grano
        •  2021 - 2023

        •  Project coordinator: UPA. UdL PI: Dr. Daniel Plaza-Bonilla

        •  Increase field crops farms profitability though the innovation in the production systems, management practices devoted to grain legumes for human consumption and analyze the challenges and potentialities of the value chain.

          • ASSOCIECO. Organic intercropping: a resilient strategy for climate change?
          •  2021 - 2022

          •  Project PI: Dr. Daniel Plaza-Bonilla (Universitat de Lleida, Spain)

          •  Evaluate intercropping for grain production as a strategy to mitigate organic agriculture main limitations in the local context: N availability, weeds pressure and climate change, with the participation of stakeholders.

            • Prosoy logo

              PROSOY. Local organic SOYbean PROduction is feasible: technological innovations
            •  2020 - 2021

            •  Project PI: Dr. Daniel Plaza-Bonilla (Universitat de Lleida, Spain)

            •  PROSOY aims at designing and evaluating different soybean production methods to maximize yields sustainably, controlling weeds efficiently and improving soil quality. PROSOY is based on a participatory approach in collaboration with stakeholders.

              • Desire logo

                DESIRE. DEsign and aSsessment of clImate-smart cRopping systEms based on sustainable intensification (Ramón y Cajal grant)
              •  2020 - 2025

              •  Project PI: Dr. Daniel Plaza-Bonilla (Universitat de Lleida, Spain)

              •  Design, assessment and establishment of innovative climate-smart cropping system alternatives based on lower environmental impact, and adequate productivity.

                • DISOSMED. Diversificación de cultivos para la sostenibilidad de los agrosistemas mediterráneos. (MINECO - Plan Nacional)
                •  2019 - 2022

                •  Project coordinator: Dr. Jorge Álvaro-Fuentes. Partners: CSIC-EEAD, CITA Aragón, Universitat de Lleida

                •  The study of the impact of crop diversification on crop yield and quality, soil structure and soil greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

                  • GEIMED. Prácticas agrícolas sostenibles para la reducción de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero en zonas mediterráneas. (MINECO - Plan Nacional).
                  •  2015 - 2018

                  •  Project coordinator: Dr. Carlos Cantero-Martínez. Partners: Universitat de Lleida, CSIC-EEAD, CITA Aragón, IAS-CSIC

                  •  The study of four management practices in field crops: nitrogen fertilization, soil and crop residues management, irrigation management, with the objective to identify management practices which mitigate soil GHG emission to the atmosphere in the Ebro Valley and the Guadalquivir Valley (Spain).

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